“You’re an EMOM”

“You’re an EMOM”

Strict pull up EMOM (no kipping today)

WOD – Three 4-minute EMOMs with a 1 min rest in between
1) 4 min EMOM: 15 push ups
2) 4 min EMOM: 20 torpedo lunges
3) 4 min EMOM: 15 walls balls

Should be targeting 30 sec of work, so scale reps up/down accordingly; if you need more of a challenge, hold a plank during rest periods (e.g. remainder of minute and minute between EMOMs)

“12 Days of Christmas”

“12 Days of Christmas”

WOD – For time

1 heavy KB SDHP
2 torpedo thrusters
3 torpedo cleans
4 box jumps
5 pull-ups
6 KB swings
7 TTB/knee raises
8 sit ups
9 torpedo push press
10 burpees
11 single unders
12 OH torpedo lunges

Just like the song: “On the first day of Christmas” you do 1 KB SDHP… “On the second day of Christmas” you do 2 torpedo thrusters, 1 SDLHP… “On the third day of Christmas” you do 3 torpedo cleans, 2 torpedo thrusters, and 1 SDLH.