No Strength/Skill
Today we WOD

Half-Ironman Triathlon
Row 1900 Meters
Bike 56 Cals
Run 1.31 Miles

Ironman Triathlon
Row 3800 Meters
Bike 112 Cals
Run 2.62 Miles

Options for the day:
1) You can tackle either workout on your own.
2) You can tackle either workout with a partner. One partner works while the second rests. Consider switching every 1-2 minutes. While doing this option, go hard when it’s your time to work.
3) Try option 1, but when finished, go through it again and see how far you can get in the class time remaining.

There is a 50 minute time cap with today’s workout. We will have a quick review of the WOD and then warm-up. The workout will start 8 minutes into class.

Best of luck everyone...