I spend my day to day at Pandora. I’m usually the first one through the door and the last to leave. If you rub my belly before class, I guarantee you a wonderful workout. I'm an independent woman whose fashion rolls with the season, and you can usually find my tail changing colors throughout the year. Green, blue, orange and red are some of my favorite to sport on a beautiful day. I found this bow tie at Nordstom and thought it matched my tail beautifully.

You can probably find me chilling in the lounge area watching everyone workout. My favorite movements are dancing for treats and running to greet you, and my ultimate goal is to one day become strong enough to open the door for myself to use the bathroom.

Look forward to seeing you in class...



Charlie chittenden


While growing up I was always very involved in gymnastics and dance. And as time has passed, I’ve found a passion for teaching those around me how to live better lives through movement.

My favorite workouts include bar and anything where I’m inverted. Want to learn how to handstand, I’m your guy.

Over the next few years I pan to start my own business dedicated to helping those with their fitness journey, spend my time acting and traveling the world. And sooner or later I’ll be living in LA and running for president.




Growing up I always played sports, but once I was out of school I struggled to find something to fill the void. Functional HIIT style fitness classes were a perfect match for combining both the competitiveness and intensity that always drew me to athletics. My favorite movements are the snatch and pull-ups, and my favorite workouts include anything with gymnastics. My least favorite movement is thrusters.

My goal is to graduate from my MBA program within the next year and hit plenty of pr's along the way!


emily baskin



When I was younger I spent most of my time playing sports. Gymnastics, soccer, and basketball were always my favorite. But who knew that I could apply my fitness to an actual job. Now I spend most of my days helping members achieve their life fitness goals. Getting that first handstand or pull-up, losing a few extra pounds, or just getting some of their mobility back.

I’ve been a coach now for just about 9 years, but you will usually find me up in the mountains on an amazing hike.

My favorite move has always been the snatch, and I just loathe wall balls.

And my favorite quote of all time as to be “Today is the first day of the rest of your laugh” Bazooka Joe. If you say it with a twang at the end, I will always smile.


Jason Pocock



Since I was young, I have always enjoyed gymnastics and the art of dance. But as I got older, I was able to expand on my training with lifting and CrossFit. Now you can find me in class with the rest of the Pandora family working hard on my fitness and improving who I am as a person from day to day.

I am so incredibly proud to not only be a part of this team, but to have helped turn it into the community it is today. And as I continue to learn and grow, I am honored with the opportunity to help teach whatever I’ve learned to improving others.

You can usually find me somewhere on the pull-up bars or upside down working on my handstand walk. So if you see me in class, don’t be shy, come and say hi…


Sakthi Sankarraman

AKA "The Real S Man"


My fitness journey began at the age of three, learning how to swim, and since then I have fallen in love with fitness. I played water polo all throughout middle school, high school and college, which is where I was first introduced to HIIT training, the type of exercise you find with Pandora. I really enjoyed the competition and having coaches and classmates help motivate and push me toward my fitness goals.

I joined Pandora 4 months ago because I was going to a bachelor party in Miami and I needed to lose 15 lbs. What started as a reason to lose some weight became somewhat of an addiction for me. I loved the workouts (my results), the people, the coaches, and wanted to get more involved, which led me to coaching.

Pandora has exceeded my expectations and helped me achieve goals I hadn’t thought were possible.





I've been doing fitness since before it was the cool thing to do.

I love back squats, hence, I’m the strength coach here at Pandora.

Running, cardio and moving fast are not my friends. I am plagued by injuries from my past, yet I’m still in here working hard to stay healthy.

I enjoy watching people grow. Whether it's getting stronger, faster, healthier, whatever the case is - that's my favorite part. I’ve dedicated my life to teaching and helping people meet their fitness goals.


Theresa Egerer

AKA "Ralph"


I work in Compensation at Starbucks HQ (e.g. numbers and Excel, nerd alert!) but in my spare time, I love working out and being involved in the world of fitness. I originally started out in power lifting and still compete but it was functional fitness that really helped me discover my passion. My favorite movements are burpees and squats and my least favorite is v-ups.

At Pandora, I manage the social media, programming, and other behind the scenes operations. I also just try to keep David in line, which is a full-time job in itself :) My goal is to continue to devote my time to Pandora. I love the members, believe in the gym’s mission and the profound impact it can have on people’s lives, and truly enjoy it being a large part of my own life.




I've been in the fitness industry for about 9 years now, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. You can usually find me in class with everyone else learning how to move weight and getting my butt kicked! On a side note to all of this, I love Sour Patch Kids and I can never get enough ice cream.

My favorite movements are toes to bar and you can never go wrong with a little bench and some bicep curls.

I love anything that gets my heart rate up but I loathe burpees. I love what I do and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm living out my goals and dreams right now. #GOBLUE